Getting settled on the West Coast…

It’s official, I am going to be on the central coast the rest of my life!

Perfect.  Southern California is too crowded for me and northern California is too hot/in the country.  So here I am in Pacific Grove….preferably Santa Cruz (if I can convince my fiance it is worth the drive 😡 ).

I’ve been really into the hippy style that this area reflects (its a no brainer, Monterey was the first to have thet HUGE pot festival) and other things that attracted people to this area…like when Carmel was still an art colony.

I’ve really been into the turbin thing (it sounds crazy but its pretty cute) like from here:


photo from:

I know its from 2009, but updating this look with the drapey, laid-back beach girl style it kind of comes naturally to want one of these if you’re a hippy.  Especially if your gross like me and don’t feel like washing your hair!  Here are a few cute pictures of what I’m thinking:

Vs. the real deal

Sexy.  I guess the fiance and I are off to go hang out on Pacific Street to hang out and see what we can find! We’ll be the two naked ones, runing around expressing our love for eachother and mother earth:



I’ll share any cool finds later when we get back from spreading the message

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Candy Land?

I’ve seen this weird hybrid of trends this season….for the most part it seems to be 1940’s bathing suits made into anything from overalls, tops and rompers and sailor pants in every color possible. It’s very cute, but ever since Katy Perry did her ‘California Girls’ video, I can’t get the style out of my head.  Its all pastel or neon, or both mixed….to see it click here.

Why does Snoop Dog have an army of gummy bears? …. Yeah I’m as confused as you are.

I find these men more appealing that Katy Perry’s music….or her…anyway she owns these sunglasses so that might make her a little more awsome. I need these:

Prada Post Card sunglasses in green called ‘Milan’

Since I am in a 1940’s mood, thanks to Sharon who has a site dedicated to Swinger’s style (the music, not the lifestyle you pervs) and Starlet Showcase had some great pictures posted from the 1944 issue of Time magazine with candid pictures of 20-somethings passing the intersection of Hollywood and Vine, in Los Angeles. 

                         =            Forever21  Influences   and  Black Skirt  

Forever 21 has a bunch of cute florals that match these vintage ones!

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Spring cuteness!

These are my favorite Spring Essentials I found on Lulus today! Such cute dresses, tops and most of all the shoes! My favorite is that they have designer Jeffery Campbell who does AMAZING wedges.  Here are my favorites:


……………..I feel like this when I gaze upon them:


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Gonna see what I can sell..then buy today

Ask my fiance, I have far too many clothes.  Mostly I don’t like them because they remind me that I used to have a 24 inch hip…I’m a 2 now….IM SO FAT HELP ME! Speaking of that, why do people consider their hips a waistline??  I hear too many people say “my waist is a size 4 blah blah” when they try on low-rise jeans. Those crazy kids today with their sexy jeans and disrespect for ‘society’.

….please note if you don’t get my sarcasm by now, you probably shouldn’t be reading this.

Henceforth, I will be vintage shopping today ^-^ with my adorable friend and a cute 8 year she’s babysitting. I’m on the prowl for 2 key items……that are definitely amazing (when not worn together….)

The clogs by Chanel on the model to your right or these sexy dutch bad boys: ….which are Tory Burch “Brayden” Slingback clog from Nordstroms, where you can purchase on their website if you have $300.00 laying around the house.

Just don’t go out of the house in clogs and overalls looking like a little dutch boy :

The other thing I’m drooling over which is probably already out of style… unless you live in India or a Disney movie are harem pants: These are the skinny version from Urban Outfitters that I prefer over the huge ones that make your ass look sad.

Try not to look like this guy if you purchase these….

I’m a fashion realist.

PS. If you see these clogs around, or somebody is wearing them…burn them alive then the store they came from. Have a nice day!

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Obsessed with American Fashion from the 1800’s at the Moment…

Since I live in a victorian from 1820 in Pacific Grove, I always wonder what the woman who first owned this house could have worn….

This is a ball gown from the era….I love how poised and dainty it is….or if you’re feeling saucy, you could be a ‘harlotte’ and just wear this underwear around from the era!

You whore. You put this family to shame!

Now if my fiance is lucky, this is the dress I’ll wear for the wedding:

1832 never looked so good! Now what to get my groom……

 he can be a Dandy! dan·dy //  (dnd) n. pl. dan·dies 1. A man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners; a fop. 2. Something very good or agreeable. 3. Nautical See yawl.

…..uh….fop? Yawl? I’m loving this era more and more! In fact, I even found what I’ll be wearing on the honeymoon:

 ….20 inch waists were ideal for women in this time period. SEXY.

This is a great way to wear this victorian style with ease.  Of course I find it on ebay and of course it’s too late…I’m going to try to sew one instead!


I’m in love…now off to bed xoxo

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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